WebDAV upload method (Private)

If you need to assess Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Policies and and coverage for the Web Distributed Authoriing and Versioning (WebDAV) HTTP extension via HTTP and HTTPS, you are welcome to use this server for that purpose.


The following credentials are required to connect to the WebDAV server:-
Username:- www.dlp-test.com\WebDAV
Password:- WebDAV

Connecting to WebDAV Server

There are a variety of applications that use WebDAV for file upload. The Microsoft Windows Operating System natively supports WebDAV via a Windows Explorer redirector (if installed and enabled). The following commands can be used within a CMD prompt to connect to the WebDAV server:-

HTTP connection

net use * http://www.dlp-test.com/webdav_private /USER:www.dlp-test.com\WebDAV WebDAV

HTTPS connection

net use * https://www.dlp-test.com/webdav_private /USER:www.dlp-test.com\WebDAV WebDAV

You will need to use the exact file name to display the uploaded within the WebDAV connection, or alternatively use the search function below.